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Medicone has great hospital silicone products for our distributors. Contact us!

In a Journey of over 3 decades, Medicone has built its image on solid basis quality, versatility, and commitment to meet the clients’ needs, foreseeing modern concepts which have currently become indispensable.
Hospital Products


Always providing quality and safety in our products, Medicone prioritizes Silicone utilization as a major supply because of its very low allergic potential and its harmless disposal to the environment.


Silicone Differential

Medicone’s products main characteristic is to be made with 100% biocompatible silicones which have FDA Certification.


Excellent Biocompatibility

Well accepted by patients our products offer more comfort on medical treatment with low allergic incidents or dermal irritation.


Raw Materials are certified according to ISO 10993.


Silicone use results in smaller need of hospital material replacement, contributing to reduce operational costs.


Lower Infection Risk

Avoids contamination and proliferation of funguses and bacteria due to being inorganic.


Great Flexibility

Medicone’s products can be bent and compressed without having any deformation.

Intragastric Balloon - Penile Prosthesis - Testicular Prosthesis - Periurethral Constrictor - Gastrostomy G Tube Enteral Feeding - PICC Catheter - Blake Drain

About us


Located in Cachoeirinha, one of the most important industrial cities in south Brazil, in a strategic region of Porto Alegre’s metropolitan region. Medicone Projects and Solutions for Health was established in 1978 and was incorporated to HalexIstar Group in 2008.



Be recognized as the most innovative and qualified silicone implants and medical related products company in Brazil.



Develop concepts and innovative solutions for health with high quality, providing safety to patients, doctor and nursing staff.



  • Ethics

  • Innovation

  • Profit

  • Focus on the client

  • Valuing life

  • Excellence in solutions

  • Valuing cooperators

  • Social-Environmental responsibility



  • Certified by ANVISA along the good Manufacturing Practices

  • Certified by ISO 9001/2008

  • Certified by ISO 13485

  • Certified by CE




Medicone has 2.281,42m² of built area, with production flow approved by Sanitary Vigilance.




Medical – Polyurethane

Primary Package

Final Review


Quality Control

Physical traction, pressure and dimensional tests.


Knowing the path towards excellence goes through appropriate usage of technology, knowledge and human relation, Medicone has a commitment regarding quality and safety of its products with ethics and transparency in its commercial relations.

Contact us
Contact us



Av. das Industrias, 1.585 - CEP 94930-230

Distrito Industrial - Cachoeirinha, RS, Brasil

Fone/Fax: +55 (51) 3470-0800

+55 (51) 3470-0800

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